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Children and youth are facing a complex world with more risks than assets. Risks have catapulted from 2020 to present with COVID-19, Inflation Woes, Racial Divides and the Great American Resignation. The threats are compounded for children from under-resourced spaces and places. Schools and youth serving organizations are on the “edge” due to staff shortages and rapidly emerging mental health issues. It is a time of devastating danger and phenomenal opportunity.


How our team engages with end users and builds games
for children of color.

Clips from LOVE GAMES, which focuses on healthy close relationships with parents, peers and partners.

A Virtual Engagement, Edutainment and Communications Space that will ultimately accommodate over one million child, teens and emerging adult users of color.

Our planned age-appropriate and secure places and assets in LYFE Virtually© –

MIHOUSE© – Approved and Monitored Personal Pages for Social Networking

Lessons on LYFE Lane©

  • A Progressive Series of Social and Emotional Learning Edugames
  • STEM for LYFE© – A digital pipeline program for ages 5-12
  • TEACHME4LYFE© – Support with the core academics – reading, writing, math and science

MIHELP© – Digital resources for health, mental health and survival in these sacred times.
(Seeking Private-Corporate Sponsors for this virtual space)

Pathways to LYFE© – Virtual Land for educational, health and social organizations.

Music in the Keys of LYFE© – Virtual Site for Emerging Entertainers
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LYFE in FAITH© – Spiritual and Faith Lessons for Life
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Mall of LYFE© – Virtual Land for Virtual Stores for On-Line Purchases
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